We did it! It is our goal to give back to the community by hosting fun, educational networking events and our Happy Hour and Hors D’oeuvres event featuring Michelle Myhrvold Roy of NW Mortgage Group was a great success!

Michelle shared with us in detail about mortgages and different types of loans. You may think it’s really hard to get a mortgage, but it’s really not that difficult. Every day lots of people from different backgrounds or situations are receiving loans. Michelle told a touching story of a young woman who dreamed of owning a home. She saved money for 13 years. When she applied for the loan, the loan officer turned her down harshly. Her dream was shattered. Then she was referred to Michelle who was able to help her get a loan and now she owns a home! This is what a quality loan officer should be like. Michelle always does the best for her clients.

The atmosphere was delightful and fun. Everyone got to learn each other’s passions and we are now friends who will support one another. This will lead us to building a successful business and friendly community.