It was a pristine night up on Parrett Mountain with the panoramic southwestern view of Newberg. We began with appetizers made from fresh ingredients from Sunshower Hill Farm, grown by the hands of Ranee, Jody, Ian and Margaret. We were treated to homemade pork lettuce wraps with sweet onion, roasted potato bites with toasted garlic accompanied by cilantro lime and fired Thai hot chili dipping sauces. We cooled off with peppermint sun tea and honey and, of course, wine.

We had a perfect sized group. All shared the same value and wish of living well by eating well and supporting local businesses. The conversations were flowing which tied our connections from hear to heart. We teased one another a lot but left the night with the knowledge of how great local grown produce is. More importantly, how an individual can connect with a small group to support our local community. And, as a bonus, there were tips of being a successful entrepreneur like Ranee.

For more info and pictures of the night please visit the Going Places Living Life blog.